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Mergers 2015 – Less health insurance!

The new health reform changed the health insurance industry sustainable. 2015, when the company health insurance fusion tendency reinforced to. This possibility will become even 125 health insurance companies.

The German BKK from Wolfsburg merged with BKK Essanelle in Dusseldorf and the German company health insurance, headquartered in Wolfsburg. The Esso BKK from Hamburg joins forces with the Novitas BKK from Duisburg. The shell BKK Life will go along with the DAK. The BKK Victoria goes to the BIG directly. The BKK Medicus joins forces with BKK VBU and the BKK BJB with BKK Gildemeister Seidensticker.

This development is already at the turn of fixed (assuming the supervisory authorities of the states or the Federal Insurance Office agrees). It can be assumed that during the year 2015, the concentration will increase.